technical seo

get yourself a detailed technical seo strategy

At Seothererreks we make sure we take care of all the technical seo workforce that your web sites wishes to be readable through your clients and search engines. Get to recognize this, search engines provide top most priority to websites that show sure technical qualities. Due to the truth that when these technical seo things are on your website its less difficult for the search engines to crawl them, and locate what is absolutely on the website and what message the website has in different for them to show it to people who are simply searching for such records.

why technical seo ?

Good website speed

At Seothererreks we make it a factor that each client we work with have their website load rapidly and fast. When a website takes lengthy to load that’s when the bounce race of the website goes up and then the website begin to lose possible customers.

Make it easy for search engine to crawl

When search engine goes through your website they expecting to see certain things that make it convenient for them to study what’s on the website and when they are now not on them it becomes difficult for them to read. At seothererreks we make it a point to put all the technical things in place that your website needs to be crawl through by the search engines.

Need for responsive website

Search engines like a responsive website. When your website is properly optimized for desktop, mobile phone and tablet they turns to rank them greater which makes it viable for clients to see you on top of searches. Seothererreks make it feasible to obtain this by means of implementing all the things that will make your website to be responsive on all gadgets.


our technical seo strategy

we install SSL certificate on your website for both you and customers security.

most of your website visitors will come from people who are using their mobile phone so we make it reponsive on all device for you

we check and make sure your website speed is well optimize to prevent huge bounce rate.

we go through all the content on your website and fix every duplicate content on your website.

we install this which help search engine understand how to crawl your website.

we install this to help the delivery of your content on search engine.

we install this to help search engine to under stand what is on the website.

we register your website on this platform to enable you understand the performance of the content on your website.


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